Grow your wealth passively investing in Agriculture

Investments in agriculture provide portfolio diversification while creating a more sustainable and resilient food system.
  • Profitability: Very high
  • Risk: Our strategy eliminates risk completely
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Agriculture Investment Process

  • We partner with a range of businesses in the food and agriculture sector.

  • When investing equity and debt, we offer patient capital to companies across the value chain – these include high value crops, agricultural inputs, affordable protein, forestry and food processing.

  • We also invest in enabling infrastructure that is important for the agricultural ecosystem to flourish.

  • Additionally, we partner with specialist and generalist funds, actively looking for investments that have inclusive impact and tackle food security issues.

  • Recently, we have also added a venture capital vertical, to invest into promising early stage companies in the agtech space that are working on new technological platforms towards productivity, sustainability and inclusivity in the agriculture space.

We are seeking undiscovered gems that are below the radar of larger institutional funds. This allows us an attractive entry valuation, re-rating potential and ultimately the three words we love Margin of Safety.

How To Start Investing In

We Do Not …

We are investors in the Fund, so are friends and family. We are keen to attract like-minded investors into our Fund – but only after they have fully understood what we do.

Having said that, we are keen to express in simple English…. what we don’t do.

Product Profile

We began investing in this product in 2017

One of the UK’s Oldest Funds

Investments in farming and agribusiness are non-correlated with the stock market and appreciate with the underlying price of land, and are thus a hedge against inflation. With the world population projected to hit 10 billion by the year 2050, agricultural production will be depended on more than ever to reach increased food, fuel, and fiber demand. The agriculture sector provides jobs for approximately 1 billion people globally. Your passive investment will help keep farmers in the business of farming, create employment opportunities, and encourage small business growth. Investing in agriculture creates a more resilient food system.

Other market data for the agriculture investment product:

  • Our total food crop and agriculture portfolio is at USD $550 million, and expanding.

  • The global agriculture market grew from $12,245.63 billion in 2022 to $13,398.79 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4%.

  • Sterling Investments' partnership in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa grants us access to 0.002% of the total market size.

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