We are an independent boutique and invest in a carefully selected portfolio of equities in undervalued companies.

Why do we come to work? Our purpose is to deliver long-term superior investment returns through fundamental research.

The Fund Management industry could do better at communicating more clearly with its investors. We believe, it is important for you to know our philosophy.

So let us start by what we “do not do”

  • We do not invest in global giants such as Microsoft or Google. These are perfectly good companies but ones we have no edge in. Also, our investors could easily buy them directly or invest through an ETF that gives access to such large companies.

  • We are not index huggers and our portfolio is not a slave to any benchmark.

Our focus instead is on the smaller end of the quoted market where we believe we have an analytical edge. Our portfolio consists of a diverse range of businesses that are run by people we trust and admire.

The mid and smaller end of the quoted market is overlooked and generally under-researched. Our Fund gives our clients exposure to those hidden under-priced gems – even if they have invested in other mainstream Funds. “Hidden” should not imply we invest in irrelevant, mediocre companies enjoying a local advantage. If we were to consolidate our portfolio revenues, roughly half would be derived from outside the United Kingdom. Our companies do win on the global stage.

We are different. And we invest differently. If you were to compare our Top 10 holdings to your existing Fund, you will immediately spot the difference (we invest with conviction in a small set of “different” businesses). There is more under the

We are different. And we invest differently. If you were to compare our Top 10 holdings to your existing Fund, you will immediately spot the difference (we invest with conviction in a small set of “different” businesses). There is more under the Fund section.

Trust underpins everything we do. To deserve trust we must first be trustworthy.

Our fund has been delivering returns since 1963.

An investment of £1,000 would have grown to more than £600,000, after all, charges and fees.

Our Fund is for those who are seeking to compound their hard-earned money, over a long period of time. The Fund qualifies to save tax-free with Individual Savings Accounts(ISA) and SIPPS but please seek advice from a known IFA.

Our fund has been delivering returns since 1963.

An investment of £1,000 would have grown to more than £700,000 as of 31 July 2022.
We aspire to be the best, not the biggest.
Trust underpins everything we do.

What We Do

  • As a regulated firm, we manage a FCA regulated daily dealing Fund in the UK.

  • The Fund is a collective and comprises of around 35 small and interesting companies.

  • Through one Fund holding, investors can conveniently access this portfolio and benefit from a diverse collection of different businesses – instantly

  • You can invest through several platforms or directly through our Chelmsford-based administrators.

  • We eat our own cooking and are invested in the Fund.

What about ESG?

Every few years, our industry comes up with new “themes.” The latest anthem is Environmental, Social and Governance.

ESG considerations were naturally incorporated into our research and investment process long before ESG came under the public spotlight.

Our core belief has always been: investing in companies that make our society better. There is more on the Companies page but the summary is: our research differentiates between tick-boxers (green washers) and those genuine management teams who really believe in the virtuous cycle of capital allocation, good business practices and delivering returns for all stakeholders. These were joint at the hip 100 years ago – and will remain connected 100 years from now.

We think like owners.

Whether we are running our own company or investing in other companies, we think and act like owners. We believe in what we do and eat our own cooking – we are investors in the Fund ourselves. However, please seek advice from your financial advisor (IFA) whether our Fund is suitable for you. It may not be.

Long-term means long term

Our investment style does not involve day-trading, clever algorithms or any other forms of black magic (or short-cuts).

Nor do we have the power to turn people into overnight millionaires.

We typically invest in companies with a 3 to 5-year time horizon and often end up running our winners i.e. holding them for longer. We expect our investors to mirror a similar attitude.

How do we do it

For nearly 60 years, the Fund has invested across a variety of different industries.

Though we meet hundreds of companies every year, we are known to be picky and fussy.

We look for

Our common-sense approach results in a portfolio that is distinct from other funds or index. To confirm, compare our Fund holdings for yourself.

As an independent investment boutique, we invest with care and patience. Hundreds of investors have invested with us since 1963.

Hear from our satisfied clients

 Dionel Zayas

Dionel Zayas

Food Entrepreneur

Sterling Investments helped me achieve my dream.

“All I had was a dream and insufficient capital. My father-in-law introduced me to Sterling Investments because I needed capital and financial guidance in launching my business. 18 months down the way and I have a business and still receive profits from my initial investment at Sterling.”

Elizabeth Chen

Elizabeth Chen

Marketing Manager

Results beyond my expectations

“Sterling Investments exceeded my expectations with their top-notch investment advice and exceptional customer service”

James Cooper


Still getting my 4% monthly

“I highly recommend Sterling Investments for their professional and knowledgeable team of investment experts. I was promised 4% ROI every month; It's the seventh month and they haven't fialed for once.”

Kim Lee

Software Engineer

I now invest with ease and happiness

“Sterling Investments helped me navigate the complex world of investing with ease, and I couldn't be happier with the results.”

Benjamin Garcia

Financial Analyst

Investments tailored to my specific goals

“I appreciate the personalized approach Sterling takes with their clients, providing tailored investment solutions that meet specific needs.”

Bethany Flynn

Registered Nurse

I got the house I invested for

“When I first got started with Sterling Investments, my Account Manager asked me what my number one goal was, and I told him I wanted to buy a house. As a RN in Canada, this is usually challenging. He helped me create a clear plan for my goal, and after 2yrs and 4 months, I got the house. Yay!”

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